Repair Order Payment

The Optimal Solution for Streamlined Automotive Service Communication & Payments

Tired of waiting around and dealing with miscommunication at the dealership during vehicle service and payment? It's time to experience the convenience and efficiency of ROPay, the cutting-edge application designed to revolutionize the way you handle automotive service communication and payments.


All-On-One Solution

ROPay is an all-in-one solution that connects service advisors, customers, and valet staff, making communication and payments seamless and effortless.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

With ROPay, you can expect improved customer satisfaction, reduced waiting times, and a smooth vehicle pick-up experience.

Key Features of ROPay:

ionicons-v5-e Direct Communication with Service Advisors

ROPay enables service advisors to communicate with customers effectively, keeping you informed about the status of your vehicle's service. No more guessing or unnecessary phone calls – ROPay keeps you in the loop.

ionicons-v5-e Instant Notifications and Repair Order Invoices

Receive timely notifications, including repair order invoices, as soon as your vehicle's service is completed. Stay informed about your vehicle's progress and know when it's ready for pick-up.

ionicons-v5-e Digital Signature and Secure Online Payments

ROPay allows customers to provide a digital signature and pay for their repair order online before arriving at the dealership. Choose from various payment methods, including all major credit cards and Apple Pay, for a fast and secure checkout experience.

ionicons-v5-e Efficient Vehicle Pick-up Process

With ROPay's coordination between service advisors and valet staff, you can expect a smooth vehicle pick-up experience at the dealership. Save time and avoid confusion with our streamlined process.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

ROPay is designed with your satisfaction in mind. Our user-friendly application ensures a hassle-free, efficient, and enjoyable automotive service experience from start to finish.

Customers Stay Informed

Customers will receive instant notifications and repair order invoices from your service advisor, so you always know when your vehicle is ready for pick-up.

Customers Pay & Sign with Ease

Customers provide their digital signature and complete their payment securely online using convenient payment options.

Confident Vehicle Pick Up

Customers will go to your dealership with confidence, knowing that their vehicle is ready and waiting for them. Enjoy a smooth, hassle-free pick-up experience.

Embrace the ROPay Revolution Today

Experience the future of automotive service communication and payments with ROPay.


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